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International crime has covered different activities including theft of crops and one of the leading aspects has been explored in California. The theft of nuts has been proved to be the leading issue of California. An amount of $400,000 has been recorded to date. Therefore, it is highly impacting the respective country’s economy. On the other hand, it is also evident that California farmers are not getting the right amount of productivity and outcomes even after cultivating a larger amount of crops. The problem statement of the study is to analyze the present scenario of Nut theft in California based on the availability of secondary data. The quantitative analysis is based on secondary data available in earlier government records and journals.

Background to the case

A sophisticated nut theft ring has been detected in California and the same is making an impact on the national economy along with making issues on internal exports. Practically, if the respective corps is not getting transported in a legal way, the impact will be on farmers as well as on the expenditure of resources. If it is not possible to stop the treat concerns, there will be severe impacts on the economy in future terms. California has already calculated a loss of $400, 000 in terms of black market transactions and following the same, it seems difficult to manage internal economic operations (Duchelle et al. 2011).

On the other hand, the impact on society is negative as thieves are establishing a concept of unstoppable black market operations. The impact is severe in the society that many individuals are getting interested to enter into the same trend. Practically, if administration on the same occasion is not getting strict, there will be social as well as economic turmoil. The initial stage holds the importance of managing all of the activities regarding walnut theft and future proceedings.

Quantitative analysis

There are countless data available on nut theft as per California Government and due to regular activities, the aspect has become common. As per data of 2010, California Government 40 percent of the total cultivated nuts in California went around the world. This statement has established the effectiveness of the active presence of black market throughout the country. The census data has shown an increasing poverty level day by day, but the amount of corps has reached up to the mark. It has presented a threatening situation of theft. On the other hand, it is also evident that some of the cases through cargo exports have been explored and such cargos have represented no identity in terms of official export. On the other hand, it is also evident that officials are not getting the touch of bulk back market export. In that concern, it is evident that most of the transporters are using their own ways regarding transport and there are high-level confidentialities among agents that they are not getting the touch of theft (Cordova & Vargas, 2016).


Crain's CFO exhibited Parker a photograph from June 20 and outfitted him with the Freightliner's plate ­number and a photocopy of Hernandez's business driver’s allowed. What Parker found had no conceivable pattern: the plate returned selected to a substitute model of truck, and they allow number ­belonged to a 30-year-old woman (Bettinger, 2015). A short time later, when Parker pulled rec­ords for the phone number Hernandez had ­listed on the paper­work, he found that it was a prepaid telephone with a Miami zone code. It had been started out of nowhere only two days before the pickup and a while later ­disconnected on June 29. Tractor-trailers don't vanish easily, and Parker considered being careful of the Freightliner. In any case, more than seven days ­after the robbery, he ­decided it was likely long gone (Cordova & Vargas, 2016).

Inconsequential burglaries of walnuts are typical in central California. A couple of areas even blacklist the offer of nuts before gather is done, to incapacitate secret market bargains. Nevertheless, the Crain thievery, close by equivalent heists in 2011 and 2012, gave off an impression of being changed to ­Parker. They were put together by people who ­appeared to grasp the trucking business, discount extortion, and PC secur­ity (Bettinger, 2015). Neither of the earlier bad behaviors had given ­Parker much to analyze, and at first, this one looked no additionally reassuring. "I'm left holding a report saying 'Some individual showed up,' and I have a label that doesn't exist," Parker uncovered to me the past winter. "They vanish into the night." Around the period of the Crain theft, Rich Paloma, a cop turned columnist at the Oakdale Leader, seven days by week paper-based a couple of hours south of Tehama County, ­began following high-­value piles of nuts that had vanished. Paloma checked around six heists, regarded at more than $1 million, in the prior year. In the fall of 2013, he circulated an article estimating that the robberies were formed (Johnson, 2012).


When you look at the collaborations anticipated that would complete this bad behavior," he let me know, all signs call attention to a dealt with the social affair. "You take 370,000 pounds of almonds; you're not ­going to offer it for the road." Of late, nut burglary has ­exploded into a statewide issue. More than 35 loads, worth in any occasion $10 million, have vanished since 2013. The number and style of the thefts—smart and capable, as if the characters from Ocean's Eleven had dived on the Central Valley—have drawn the thought of government dealt with bad behavior authorities and incited the creation of a regional group. There are certain reasons that most of the stress on black market transactions is dependent on nuts. The initial cause is profitability and another aspect is the availability of the resource.


The thieves and balk market experts are advocated paying little mind to an unpleasant piece of money. In 2014, the American Pistachio Growers connection uncovered immense offers of more than $1.6 billion. The relationship starting late checked help oversees British cyclist Mark Cavendish, gigantic mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones, and the U.S. water-polo gatherings. California grows a large portion of the world's almonds and is the second-greatest creator of pistachios and walnuts. Various hearty individuals charge their advancement for energizing California's drought—nut trees are dry plants. As per considerations of Horizon Nut Company, three hours north of L.A. in Tulare County, in November 2015, Horizon lost a store of pistachios worth $450,000. Kirk Squire, Horizon's cultivator relations manager, said that the theft was embarrassing for the association. "You have to imagine, you're giving some person a substantial bit of a million dollars."

Summary of Findings

Therefore, it is very evident that most of the transactions of nuts are getting the coved space to be forwarded towards the black market. However, some of the leading firms are well aware of the situation, but officials are not taking severe steps to control the scenario. On the other hand, it is also evident that some of the transportations are also getting knock officials. This turmoil situation is increasing with the availability of resources and without having any constraints. As a result, most of the farmers are getting affected and economic standard of California is getting low. In that concern, other import related charges are getting higher whereas exports are facing gloomy days. As per the current scenario and findings, around 60 percent of the total cultivated almonds in California are getting transferred to the black market.


At the end, it can be said that theft of nuts is a threat to common individuals as well as economy on the country. In order to retain the same, it is important to stop black market transactions. It cannot be said that regarding this greater chain there is not any influence of outer countries, but at the same time, it will be possible to stop or control the scenario domestic affairs are highly valued.

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